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Create the career you want with Amplifi, a digital learning platform that combines professional self-discovery with upskilling and networking.

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Why Amplifi?

Amplifi is developed and delivered by OnTalent, a boutique talent advisory firm that’s supported both employers and candidates since 2009. 

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Break Through Boundaries With Amplifi

You can tap into Amplifi and unlock the path to your career’s ultimate potential.

We’re empowering professionals with the resources to accelerate their careers and break free of their limitations. 

We empower you with the confidence and expertise to discover the perfect role that aligns with your unique lifestyle
We empower you with the confidence and expertise to discover the perfect role that aligns with your unique lifestyle
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Our team of seasoned professionals offer expert guidance at every step of your career journey
Our team of seasoned professionals offer expert guidance at every step of your career journey
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We deliver a meticulously designed program built on a time-tested model, ensuring tangible and proven outcomes
We deliver a meticulously designed program built on a time-tested model, ensuring tangible and proven outcomes
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Our services are dedicated to cultivating the utmost potential in professionals, enabling them to become the epitome of excellence
Our services are dedicated to cultivating the utmost potential in professionals, enabling them to become the epitome of excellence
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Reviews for our Team!

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"I engaged [The Team]/Deborah Wilson to assist and coach me to prepare for a CEO application process. Deborah was enormously helpful. The information was relevant and contemporary and fit my scenario perfectly. The program was tailored to my needs based on the organisation I was looking to join and my current experience and level of skill. The program work and tasks prepared me in a practical manner and assisted me in drawing on my own skills and knowledge. Similarly, the process prepared me for interview processes psychologically and was greatly motivational. I had not been through an interview process for a long time and this process was invaluable. I can not recommend Deborah highly enough. Yes, I got the job!"
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"I [was] assigned a super-coach, Dolores Cummins. Over three months, we explored my goals and interest areas for my new business, creating a tight brief of my experience, passions, and beliefs, coupled with a network map to attract new clients. I wasn’t looking for the ‘traditional program’ of exploring a business plan or updating my LinkedIn profile and resume. And while these things are important, for me it was more about Dolores’ expertise and the trusting space she held to explore and guide a deep and connected conversation about creating a new business and life by design. From these conversations, the steps and plans became easy. It was, and continues to be, a privilege to have both of these talented, compassionate professionals in my corner."
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"Deborah Wilson is an inspiring coach, who will ensure you flesh-out your own unique value proposition to represent your best self to the market. Deb showed me that I was very marketable, that I should be choosy about who I want to work for and she gave me renewed confidence. Thanks Deb for investing in me, your passion for what you do is amazing!"
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”The Amplifi program has given me clarity around building my career options, in particular I found the resume and cover letter modules of use. There were great resources also to build my knowledge of LinkedIn and how to maximise the platform properly. ”
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”The platform gave me confidence in future-proofing my career and an understanding how to expand and maximise career opportunities. I found the resources most beneficial with good practical examples. I would very much recommend the program.”
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”After being made redundant, I joined the Amplifi program. Its structured approach and user-friendly format were incredibly helpful. The program guided me in identifying the best-fitting areas for my experience and career path. The thought-provoking topics and coaching sessions were invaluable in shaping my new approach moving forward.”
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“I would rate the program 10 out of 10 – I would definitely recommend this course to colleagues"
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“Deb has a very calm and reassuring presence - nothing seems to phase her and she has an suggestion/strategy to tackle almost any challenge you may be facing as an executive. She's flexible and adaptive in her coaching style and is also refreshingly honest when required - not someone who will agree with you just for the sake of it. She has stayed in touch since our assignment and checks in to see how I'm tracking. A first-class coach and human being, someone you want in your corner."
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“I had the privilege of working with Deb Wilson during a transitional phase in my career, and I cannot speak highly enough of her exceptional support. Deb did an absolutely fantastic job guiding me through this period, providing a level of care and warmth that truly made a difference. During what could have been a chaotic and confusing time, Deb brought clarity and structure to the process. Her expertise and dedication ensured that the transition was smooth and seamless. I am incredibly grateful for her invaluable contribution and the incredible work she did to support me. Deb's commitment to her role and her genuine concern for her clients is truly commendable. Her professionalism and personal touch made the entire experience a positive one. I would highly recommend Deb to anyone seeking guidance and support during times of change. Thank you, Deb, you made a significant impact, and I am truly grateful for your incredible work."
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"My team and I have been working with Deb for over a year now and she has been fantastic right from the start. Deb understands the needs of the team and brings a professional, inspired and fun program to our sessions. I cannot recommend Deb highly enough. Thanks Deb for your support and for helping us build a trusting team environment that sets us apart from the rest!"
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"I have known and worked with Deborah as both a client and coach for a number of years and can highly recommend her as an excellent mentor and challenger. She makes an effort to understand her clients drivers, strengths and aspirations. I was able to draw on her considerable career experience and technical expertise to clarify my strengths, and identify my ideal organisation. Deborah is excellent at keeping you focused on these priorities. Once the ideal outcome is achieved, she remains engaged and enthusiastic for your ongoing success. Deborah sets herself apart by building a deep and trusting relationship with you, supporting you as you grow and being a cheerleader for your successes."
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"Having worked with [The Team] and Deborah for many years I can say that she was absolutely instrumental in developing many of our leaders and future leaders in our company. She understands and adapts to our culture, our needs and our strategy and brings professional, fit for purpose, creative and fun programs to our candidates. Her approach has been one that feels she is part of the company and of the candidate group and makes everybody feel so comfortable and positive. Many of my colleagues have thrived and developed under her guidance. Also she has supported us in dedicated programs eg. mental health during lockdowns, diversity/inclusion and a special mention to her contribution to our Women in Leadership programs, all of them being a great success. I would highly recommend Deborah to any company who as part of their HR strategy wants to develop their talents, create a strong and inclusive culture and looks for higher engagement of its employees. Thanks Deborah for your great work!"
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"When it was suggested I could benefit from a coach, I didn't know what to expect or what I needed. Deborah Wilson was the answer. We all have a basket of talent made up of our skills and competencies, some overused and others underutilised. Deborah has helped me look at situations differently and understand when I need to reach deeper into that basket. Like many, I got by at times trusting my instincts. Now whenever I am challenged by a difficult situation, I often find myself asking, what would Deborah do?"
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"Deb has been my sounding board for some major career decisions in my life and has provided me with some of the most thought provoking questions to bring clarity at times of decision making for me. You'll walk out of a conversation with her energised and with a dose of optimism and energy."

Designed For

Career starters

Work out where you want to go, then acquire the skills you need to get there.

Career crossroads

Chart a course to a fresh career by building new skills and enhancing existing ones.

How Will You Benefit?

Our focus is to make you a hot commodity in the market and an asset on any team.

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Skills and knowledge

We empower professionals to accelerate their careers through structured online coaching

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Creating your personal brand

Our courses will help you learn about how to network and market yourself, so you can stand out from the competition.

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Building your confidence

We walk you through the interview process and beyond, equipping you with everything you need to ace interviews or negotiate your value with your current employer.

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Support and resources

We provide learning opportunities to help you stay informed and engaged not just in your career, but in the world around you.

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Deeper understanding

Our career counselling services can help you gain a more profound understanding of your career and identify the best path for you.

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Navigate your career options

Our career development resources can help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in your field.

We’ll equip you with the skills and confidence to navigate your own path with certainty.

Before Amplifi

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My employer isn’t developing me at the speed I’d like, and I feel stagnant in my job

I am good at what I do, but I don’t have the leadership skills to progress to the next level of my career

I’m in a senior role at work, but I don’t think my team sees my value

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After Amplifi

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I don't wait for permission to progress; l follow my passion and fight for self-growth

I now have the ambition and the tools to break through any barriers and reach the next level of my career

I now command the attention of a room and have gained the respect of my peers 

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Trusted By:

The Accelerate Curriculum

Course I: Explore

The first course in the Accelerate curriculum, Explore, is centred around you: where you are now, where you want to be, and the pathways you can take to get there. 

It’s the ideal starting point for anyone considering a change in career – especially if you’re feeling stagnant or dissatisfied in your current role. 

Explore Modules:

Course II: Build

Build picks up where Explore finishes: giving you the tools you need to land the next role in your ideal career. 

Learn how to do everything from optimising your résumé to networking on LinkedIn with six modules that include video guides and practical activities.  

Build Modules:

Course III: Amplifi

Amplifi is about maximising the opportunities that you’ve landed with Build. 

With seven modules designed for both job-seekers and employees, it’s the perfect blend of theory-based advice and practical tips.  

Amplifi Modules:

About Amplifi

We created Amplifi with a single purpose in mind; to give people the tools, knowledge, and motivation they need to re-chart their careers. 

Every aspect of Amplifi has been carefully developed by HR professionals at OnTalent, a leader in talent management solutions with over 125 years of combined experience.  

We provide customised courses tailored to your unique needs, tactical lessons that blend theory and practice, and the opportunity to build valuable connections through our digital community. 

No matter where you are in your professional life, Amplifi gives you the resources you need to turn obstacles into opportunities. 

Your Team, Amplified

We offer customised packages designed specifically for your businesses needs. Contact us to learn more.

How to Get Started

Sign up for free, then choose how you learn 

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Fill a gap in your skillset by purchasing a single module.

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Purchase any one of the Explore, Build or Amplifi courses.

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Full Curriculum

Chart a new career path with the full Accelerate curriculum.

Most Popular Modules

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Navigating Options

Navigating Options

Learn how to assess your current career position, discover your career narrative, and evaluate potential pathways.
Popular Package 2 | Amplifi

Building My Resume

Building My Résumé

Find out what modern résumés look like – and how you can optimise yours for both recruiters and hiring algorithms.
Popular Package 3 | Amplifi

Job Search & LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Learn how you can leverage it to find jobs, build connections, and create opportunities.
Popular Package 5 | Amplifi



Interviewing doesn’t have to be stressful. Empower yourself with lessons that cover interview preparation, questions that recruiters might ask, and how you should follow up post-interview.
Popular Package 4 | Amplifi



Build career resilience by learning how to navigate the first 90 days of any new job, including remote-only and executive roles.
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Salary Negotiations

Salary Negotiations

Learn the essential skills and strategies to confidently negotiate your salary and secure the pay you deserve.

Introducing a Selection of Our Coaching Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Building your career and brand online means you are able to access 24/7 to accommodate your lifestyle and commitments. It gives you the opportunity to enhance your skills at your convenience, offering flexibility and very cost effective. Completing relevant online courses will improve your chances of career advancement or transition to a new field, opening your mind to the current and relevant information for your career.

These courses have been developed by career professionals and will guide you to build and focus on the areas of your career that you might not have in the past, or accelerate your future career. Maximise your potential. There’s a wide range of courses available, giving you the opportunity to explore diverse career paths. 

You’ll be granted 3-months access to all courses.

Individual modules start from $25 and the complete Accelerate bundle is $450 (all course prices are inclusive of GST). Think of this as an investment in your career. How much is this worth to you?

If you buy the complete program you will have all of the tools in the order we recommend to set yourself up for success however, you are welcome to buy short courses to meet your initial needs.

The courses and program will give you the best possible advantage, we want you to take control of your career journey and maximise your chances both now and in the future.

The success rate really depends on your stage and need. Each individual is different and will focus on different areas. We know from experience that these courses will absolutely give you an advantage and will help you understand the process to maximise your opportunities.

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